Collis Bird & Withey : Thesis and Dissertation BindingFast and Friendly Thesis and Dissertation Binding Service

SPECIAL OFFER: 10% Off printing and binding, when you place an order of a minimum 4 copies.

* Offer valid until the 31st January


Collis Bird & Withey have been providing dissertation & thesis binding and printing services for students since 1979. We offer a fast, reliable and quality service.

Collis Bird & Withey staff collectively share 125 years experience in the bookbinding industry. We are all dedicated to producing quality products at prices you can afford. Hand binding is labour intensive – we still use many of the traditional binding methods, tools and materials. Wherever possible we use recycled materials and printing equipment with a low impact on the environment.

We also offer a wide general binding and fine binding service to companies and individuals. 




Our distinctive green building is a landmark in Islington only a few minutes walk from tubes and bus routes.

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